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Hi everyone,

I got my period a few days early this month; usually I get it every 32-34 days and this month I got it on day 29. No big deal, I guess, but I'm on day three of my period now, and am still bleeding pretty heavily, which is unusual for me...usually I bleed heavily the first day and a half or so, and then bleed really lightly for the next three or four days. On top of all that, I'm still getting cramping and I'm peeing a lot.

The chance of pregnancy is incredibly slim; I had protected sex only once last month, and that was way before I would have ovulated anyway. So, my question for you guys is: does anyone pee a lot before or during your period? This is different from a UTI, in that I have to pee a lot, and when I do, a lot of pee comes out -- do you think this could be the water I retained before I started menstruating finally coming out? I always wondered what happened to all that water weight that I store up during the week or so before my period -- do you just pee it all out over time?

Any help you have with the peeing/early period stuff would be great! Thank you!
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This site seems like a great resource; I've been considering getting a copper Paragard IUD for a few months and every cycle I get closer and closer to taking the plunge. Even though there are some scary stories out there, I'm hoping I'll have a happy experience with it -- I feel like I've paid my penance with so many birth control pills and the patch, the side effects of which were horrible, horrible, horrible. I need something hormone free, and after a broken condom a few months ago and a traumatic Plan B experience, Paragard seems like an excellent option...

Enough of my introduction, though. Just some questions for those of you ladies with the copper IUD:

1) Have you noticed an increase in yeast infections with the IUD?
2) I'm pretty susceptible to urinary tract infections after intercourse (which I'm able to control by taking a prophylactic antibiotic immediately after sex -- quite a hassle, I know, but better than raging UTIs a few times a month)...have any of you noticed an increase in, or the presence of, UTIs with the IUD?

Any other positive feedback about the copper IUD would also be welcomed! I've read so many horror stories that sometimes I think I shouldn't get the Paragard, since the risks sound so extreme. I'll take any encouragement you can offer! I realize every woman's experience is different and I just have to try it out to see what will happen, but I'd like to go into the procedure feeling as optimistically as possible.

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